Pine Cone Fire Starters – DIY Wedding Favors

After seeing pictures of the most beautiful pine cone fire starters floating around on pinterest, we decided to make them for our winter wedding favors. We followed the steps of the tutorial over at SomethingTurquoise, and ended up with these beautiful favors, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. Our guests loved them, and they looked beautiful on our tables.



ido-459Photos by Jammie Mendetta

Our Shopping List:

We used about 5 pounds of wax and most of the dye, which gave us 80 pine cones.

Head over to SomethingTurquoise for their complete, comprehensive and beautiful tutorial. Here are just some of the lessons we learnt while doing this project.

Make sure to cover up all your surfaces, as the dye WILL stain them if you spill. We also tried covering some of our counters with news paper, followed by parchment paper, but the news paper ink ended up leaving stains that were tough to remove, so stick with the aluminum foil and parchment paper.

We decided to not add fragrance to our pine cones, and because they were quite waxy, and we wanted our guests to take them with them at the end of the night, we decided to put them in wedding favor plastic pouches, with a twine bow and kraft paper tags with our initials and wedding date.

This was definitely a time consuming project with lots of stop and go – first waiting for the wax to melt, then to cool before dipping; then waiting between each dip for the coats to dry; and by then the wax might be too cool to dip again, and you start the process over again. We spend one evening on each color batch, and we found that everything took quite a bit longer than the times suggested in the tutorial. Just be patient, set timers, and keep track of how long it takes to make the process smoother on yourself.

But most of all, have fun, and the results will be so worth it!

Happy crafting!


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