Hi there!

If you somehow stumbled onto this page and don’t know who I am, I am beyond flattered. Don’t worry, I’m not some big shot whose name you should have known, it just means that you found your way here by some other way than through my personal facebook profile, and that is exciting!

My name is Edel. I am a 25 year old woman and I am a mostly full time homemaker. I am married and currently childless. You might think that I would be bored, but that simply ain’t so. I cook, clean, sew, craft, organize and decorate. And I’m pretty much always off work when my wife is, and that’s a pretty sweet luxury – just saying.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be one of those people – the Pinterest perfect ones – ok maybe I am, just a little bit. I care a lot about saving money and reducing trash, and I care a lot about homey comforts and pretty things. I will try to keep it real with you guys, as we are by no means perfect, and if I somehow manage to portray my life as too good, remind me, and I’ll tell you about all the mess in my closet, the monstrous pile of unorganized mail and my never ending to do list.

So, if you feel like following along on this household’s journey through pins and DIY’s and recycling, reducing trash and saving money, you might just want to stick around! You can sign up for email reminders below, follow the myhomemakerlife instagram account, or just stop by every Thursday for a fresh post!

Hope to see you around!